Monday, November 1, 2010

Columbia, the Finest Hats for the Price

Before October 2009, I believed it was impossible for me to wear a hat of any kind. That was until I found the Columbia Boundary Run 2009 Visor Beanie, the sexiest beast on the planet.
Ignore the jacket, admire the hat.

With these hats, I feel like a fucking god. They're the only hats to fi my style, and they fir it so damn well~. This thing is comfortable, warm, and hella soft. No arguing with that. 
Unfortunately, after a few months of owning the hat, I lost it at the ski area I work at. Sadface.. Sooo, I bought another just a month or so ago, in preparation for winter. Nothing beats a nice new hat.

Charcoal = my choice second time around

I purchased the second one from this site for $20 free shipping, but it appears that the free shipping has run away. still better than paying 25 bucks plus 7 shipping from most places.
Not much more to say about this hat, other than it's a damn nice hat