Friday, November 12, 2010

Well then.. (iPhone Part III)

About that iPhone..
After some research, I did some research into how to remove the screen, to connect the wires I though had become loose. I was asking a friend about whether or not he had the tools I needed to do it. While I spoke, I was playing with the phone, touching the hold button, etc. Out of nowhere, it starts turning on. I was stunned, but happy. I just don't know what to think anymore guys, this just made me laugh.

So I celebrated by getting an app found on my friends blog, .
The app is weather HD, and it's really neat. Features moving weather simulations, stunning graphics, and probably more stuff I don't know. You should really check it out.

Land of the Broken iPhone, part II

As of last night between the hours of 9-10, the worst happened. Dearly beloved iPhone slipped into a coma, and it's uncertain whether or not she will recover. Her screen ceased functioning, and I believe it has issues turning on. On the positive end, I know some of the internal components still work, because upon plugging it into my computer, I get a response. The screen still stays blank however. Within the next week, I will take time to right what was wronged, and potentially have a working iPhone again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Not many people seem to know this, but my eyesight is severely handicapped. For years I've hidden this fact with my best friend, the contact lens.

 I would hate to forgo contacts at this point. My eyesight is around -8.5 in each eye, aka fuckshit bad. To wear my glasses is like wearing a piece of my car windshield on my face, in terms of thickness. My glasses literally make me look cross eyed because they are so powerful.
Without any eye wear at all, the furthest I can go without seeing something is around 3 or 4 inches. Everything from there on out is blurry. Objects become unidentifiable at about 2 feet, and people are indistinguishable by 3. Want to experience my life? Hold a magnifying glass to each eye, and you'll understand.
I'll likely try for laser correction in the near future, which sounds so fantastic. To be able to go in and fix my eyes in an hour would be unimaginable. It's like having a broken arm, and the doctor rubs it with his genie lamp, and poof! It's fixed.

So guys, lemme know what you think: Contacts or glasses?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cheesy Kingdom

What is better than a world full of cheese? Not a damn thing, that's for sure. Made by our dear friend milk, it's probably one of the most enjoyed foods on the planet. Nearly every culture has a favorite cheese, from swiss to american. One of my personal favorites happens to be Havarti cheese, made from Danish cows.

It's got an awesomely creamy texture, and it's usually flavored with all sorts of delicious shit like dill.

Eaten plain or eaten with a meal, there's a place for cheese at almost every turn. Cheese and wine. Bleu cheese and hot wings. Cheese in a salad. Cheese on burgers. Even sometimes works without being eaten, such as when you go on a cheesy date.

In short, cheese is probably the best food ever made (excluding bacon). Just saiyan.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's Talk Mac and Cheese

What a fantastic, cheap meal. The only insta-meal that even comes close is ramen, but it can't surpass my imitation Italian heritage.

My shit

So lets talk customization. Sort of like a mac and cheese body shop. I've experimented with two new tweaks in the past week. The first one should be mandatory at all times, because it's incredible and simple:


That's it, bacon. Cut a few slices into pieces around half an inch long, start frying it up. Boil that water, and by the time it starts to boil, the bacon should be almost done. Set it on the side until yo' mac and cheese is done, and mix it in after the cheese and milk and stuff is thoroughly stirred in. Be sure to get every piece of bacon in, and add all of the bacon grease too. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. The second tweak just came to me when I was looking through the fridge the other day:

Sour cream.

Definitely my favorite condiment, if you can call it that. I love the taste, love the texture, love...everything about it. When I saw it in my fridge, I had the stroke of genius: This is...a dairy product. So is milk. So does sour cream = milk?
I thought so. I replaced the milk with ~equal parts sour cream. What cultivated was a beautifully rich mac and cheese, with a flavor of the gods. Incidentally, when I made mac and cheese today (with bacon again), I switched back to milk. It had the great bacon, which was nice, but it just felt lacking overall.

So Guys, I need your help. What are other incredible mac and cheese tweaks?

Edit: thanks for the suggestions guys, some nice ideas here that I'll have to try out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Odd Man Out

I am a sucker for orange juice. I go crazy for the stuff. Literally every meal can be improved with orange juice. It doesn't matter if I'm drinking it with my morning toast, or with a black diamond steak. OJ is totally fair game. Everyone I know seems to be confused or disgusted with the idea, but I get nothing but joy. The strong taste, sweet flavor, everything about it fucking rocks.

The best kind there is.

Do any of you have some magical beverage that you drink with every meal (besides say, water and milk)?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cheap, Easy Party Dip

I feel the urge to share my simple recipe to you, the internet. It has to do with my love for all things taco.

For real, easiest recipe you'll ever use, because it has two ingredients. You'll need sour cream and pre-fab taco seasoning.
For the seasoning, any kind should do. I personally used a generic brand (spice club) for the dip, and it worked fine. The for-real McCormick/other versions should be the same, if not better. As for the sour cream, definitely go with regular. no low fat here, no sir. Makes it extra thick, you know? I use a ratio of about 2 tsp to every 1/4 cup of sour cream.
Of course, that statistic is coming straight out of my ass, because I always just eyeball it and keep adding more until it tastes good.

This stuff is perfect for veggies, chips, fucking everything.
Wish I had this

What does the future hold?

This blog post will be nowhere as epic as the title made it seem. It just means I ran out of subjects for the 'My stuff is awesome' series of posts. So in the meantime while I think up new posts, what sweet stuff do you guys have planned for this weekend?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sennheiser, bitch

Oh man.
Ohhhhh man.
Don't even get me started on one of my favorite companies, Sennheiser. Top notch personal audio, the best. They invented the most high end headphones to date, the Sennheiser Orpheus. Retailing at $16,000, only 300 were ever (and will ever be) produced. Claims were made that it's comparable to a $20,000 loudspeaker setup. pure headphone bliss.
The Orpheus setup in its glory
 However, I didn't come here to talk about the Orpheus. I wanted to continue my blog on my best-of collection of things I own. And you can bet your asshole that some Sennheiser cans are involved.
I'm talking about the HD555's, the most cost-effective pair of phones in the audiophile line of their headphones. By cost effective, I mean the MSRP is still at about $170, but the audio is so well worth it.

These 555's remind me of MY 555's!
The soft looking parts above are a velvety smooth cloth (maybe velvet, Idfk). Every part, replaceable. Bends to fit any head. These things are built to last. Metal shell on the outside of the ears, which create the open headphone quality. It lets the sound move more freely, making it sound more natural. Circumaural cups, meaning it goes around your entire ear, doesn't even touch it. Most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.
As for the sound? Beautiful. Using it with a decent soundcard, my Sennheisers outperform every piece of audio hardware I own (except maybe my car, those speakers are killer). Light, touching treble, and broad, assertive bass, and a finely balanced mid. They just sound super duper.

So guys, what kind of headphones do you rock? Please don't say Skullcandy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Land of the Broken iPhone

To get things straight: I would never buy an iphone, because apple is so stuck up with their hardware. "Hey I'm apple and you buy my shit for twice what it's worth." Not what I'm looking for. Furthest I will go is the ipod, since I have a 160 gig classic.
So I never actually thought I'd own one of these, due to the large cost and small hard drives (hence the 160 gig). I was wrong. About 3 months ago, my best friend [who in all honesty is totally dopey] dropped his iphone straight onto sharp rocks. Boom. Smash. iPhone no happy.
So the one day, my friend comes up to me [before I know about the death of the phone] and said "I know you always wanted an iphone, so here you go." He handed me this:

Surprisingly, everything on this iphone works perfectly, even the screen. I've been so happy ever since he gave it to me, and I jailbroke it the day after I received it (which is now legal, thanks to our wonderful library of Congress)

What's the best piece of beaten-up tech you guys own?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Columbia, the Finest Hats for the Price

Before October 2009, I believed it was impossible for me to wear a hat of any kind. That was until I found the Columbia Boundary Run 2009 Visor Beanie, the sexiest beast on the planet.
Ignore the jacket, admire the hat.

With these hats, I feel like a fucking god. They're the only hats to fi my style, and they fir it so damn well~. This thing is comfortable, warm, and hella soft. No arguing with that. 
Unfortunately, after a few months of owning the hat, I lost it at the ski area I work at. Sadface.. Sooo, I bought another just a month or so ago, in preparation for winter. Nothing beats a nice new hat.

Charcoal = my choice second time around

I purchased the second one from this site for $20 free shipping, but it appears that the free shipping has run away. still better than paying 25 bucks plus 7 shipping from most places.
Not much more to say about this hat, other than it's a damn nice hat