Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cheesy Kingdom

What is better than a world full of cheese? Not a damn thing, that's for sure. Made by our dear friend milk, it's probably one of the most enjoyed foods on the planet. Nearly every culture has a favorite cheese, from swiss to american. One of my personal favorites happens to be Havarti cheese, made from Danish cows.

It's got an awesomely creamy texture, and it's usually flavored with all sorts of delicious shit like dill.

Eaten plain or eaten with a meal, there's a place for cheese at almost every turn. Cheese and wine. Bleu cheese and hot wings. Cheese in a salad. Cheese on burgers. Even sometimes works without being eaten, such as when you go on a cheesy date.

In short, cheese is probably the best food ever made (excluding bacon). Just saiyan.


  1. When i look this cheese i hate it.

  2. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  3. I love cheese on almost everything, but for some reason I dont like it cold.

  4. well said. I'm not one to ignore a fine piece of cheese

  5. Cheese is so yummy, I have cheese salads whenever my gf is over