Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Not many people seem to know this, but my eyesight is severely handicapped. For years I've hidden this fact with my best friend, the contact lens.

 I would hate to forgo contacts at this point. My eyesight is around -8.5 in each eye, aka fuckshit bad. To wear my glasses is like wearing a piece of my car windshield on my face, in terms of thickness. My glasses literally make me look cross eyed because they are so powerful.
Without any eye wear at all, the furthest I can go without seeing something is around 3 or 4 inches. Everything from there on out is blurry. Objects become unidentifiable at about 2 feet, and people are indistinguishable by 3. Want to experience my life? Hold a magnifying glass to each eye, and you'll understand.
I'll likely try for laser correction in the near future, which sounds so fantastic. To be able to go in and fix my eyes in an hour would be unimaginable. It's like having a broken arm, and the doctor rubs it with his genie lamp, and poof! It's fixed.

So guys, lemme know what you think: Contacts or glasses?


  1. I personally don't need either...but my friends that do need glasses/contacts prefer contacts. Idk if it's because they're inconspicuous or what...but I say contacts.

  2. I have yet to try contacts.
    I think I'm afraid of putting them on... Can't really deal with having a slate of plastic that close to my eyeball!

    Great post! keep it up!

  3. you've got some very interesting thoughts

  4. I use contacts, and they're great

  5. good info, will look forward to the next one