Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taking a Coffee Break

Just taking a moment to talk about one of my favorite drinks, coffee.

So guys. Coffee. I like it, you like it, everyone likes some good coffee. What type do you guys like? Guatemalan blend? Ethiopian?
I really like dark roasts, with some real cream and sugar in the raw. Local coffee place serves some of the BEST coffees, mochas, steamers, smoothies, etc etc, and he does it single-handedly. That's right, works all by himself. Great guy, I wish there were more of him.

So what kind of coffee places do you guys have near you, and what do you prefer?


  1. I might be weird, but I don't like coffee. But, I also haven't given it a fair chance.

  2. I like cowboy coffee, no sugar, no sweetner...I heard it puts lead in your pencil ;D

  3. It's funny that dethklok sells more cds then most metal bands

  4. I still need to purchase a copy of that album tbh anonfourtwenty, it's pretty lulzy and great at the same time. second album kicks a lot of ass as well.