Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sennheiser, bitch

Oh man.
Ohhhhh man.
Don't even get me started on one of my favorite companies, Sennheiser. Top notch personal audio, the best. They invented the most high end headphones to date, the Sennheiser Orpheus. Retailing at $16,000, only 300 were ever (and will ever be) produced. Claims were made that it's comparable to a $20,000 loudspeaker setup. pure headphone bliss.
The Orpheus setup in its glory
 However, I didn't come here to talk about the Orpheus. I wanted to continue my blog on my best-of collection of things I own. And you can bet your asshole that some Sennheiser cans are involved.
I'm talking about the HD555's, the most cost-effective pair of phones in the audiophile line of their headphones. By cost effective, I mean the MSRP is still at about $170, but the audio is so well worth it.

These 555's remind me of MY 555's!
The soft looking parts above are a velvety smooth cloth (maybe velvet, Idfk). Every part, replaceable. Bends to fit any head. These things are built to last. Metal shell on the outside of the ears, which create the open headphone quality. It lets the sound move more freely, making it sound more natural. Circumaural cups, meaning it goes around your entire ear, doesn't even touch it. Most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.
As for the sound? Beautiful. Using it with a decent soundcard, my Sennheisers outperform every piece of audio hardware I own (except maybe my car, those speakers are killer). Light, touching treble, and broad, assertive bass, and a finely balanced mid. They just sound super duper.

So guys, what kind of headphones do you rock? Please don't say Skullcandy.


  1. Those are beautiful. I'm using a cheap pair of Sony earbuds. Anything more than that is outside of my budget currently. I do intend on owning a pair similar to these when I have the money, though.

  2. they look amazing. my earbuds right now blow, every pair i get craps out so i have $15 ones. atleast they're lasting.

  3. I like what you did with your blog.

    Followin !

  4. my workout headphones are Sennheisers... they are still perfect from day 1

  5. I'll have to do more research on these

  6. my friend has one of those too, he uses it for gaming, what a pity LOL. cool blog :)

  7. well. i guess that means its time for me to start saving up lol

  8. wow, I need a pair of high quality headphones. THose look nice. Hopefully I get for christmas!

    But then I need higher quality music to play on them :(

  9. I need a new set of headphones for DJ purposes.