Sunday, October 31, 2010

My shoes > Your Shoes

I guess I'm starting a series about how perfect everything I own is. How...egotistical of me.
So about 2 years ago, I discovered the most bitchinest pair of shoes in the world, aka these motherfuckers.

These shoes have an interesting story behind them. Started off as a regular pair of shoes, until three of my friends decided to purchase the exact same pair after seeing that I had them. We may have worn them for different lengths of time, but we all agreed on one thing. Those were the single most comfortable shoes we had ever put on our footsies.
Imagine putting clouds of love and caring on your sweaty feet, and you've successfully pictured wearing these shoes. Seriously off the wall good. Even perfect for people with wide feet like myself.

Now I have 3 pairs of shoes I've purchased since then, yet the pair I wear most often are the ol' Nikes. None of my friends, however, still wear them, which is a disappointment. But in making this post, I've learned that the shoes themselves are called the air twilight shoes. How badass is that?
came with yellow laces too.